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Vanity dressers seem to be the furniture pick of the moment. If you are unsure of ways to style yours, there are numbers of ways you can use one. So how can you use your vanity dresser to hide clutter, while keeping it looking fresh?

Choosing A Vanity Dresser

Glasgow furniture store Modish stock a range of vanity dressers which can be purchased online. A vanity dresser should not only look pretty, but it should have space to store all of your girly goods.

Our top pick from the Modish range is the “Bellino Vanity Dresser Ivory and Gold” vanity dresser, Modish say that piece“ emanates class, but has the storage space and build quality to back it up”.

This bespoke piece is made in Italy and comes in a range of four colours, making it an excellent choice for any bedroom.


Styling Your Vanity Dresser

Vanity dressers are great places to keep your makeup. If you are disorganised it could by an idea to store items like brushes in glass jars on the top of your vanity dresser. Not only will this look extremely stylish, but you will be making good use of your bedroom furniture.

Organising your makeup could save you money also. By keeping your makeup brushes stored vertically, it lengthens their lifespan.

Organising Accessories

It is not just makeup which you can keep at your vanity table, you can also use it to display your favourite items of jewellery. This pretty idea means that you can store your everyday items of jewellery where you can see them.

Keep your jewellery tidy in a tray or holder on top of your cabinet. This will allow you to easily see and pick your accessories each day.

For smaller items such as small accessories like costume jewellery and rings, order some crystal bowls which you can keep on top of your dresser. These little ideas will make a big difference when it comes to the appearance of your bedroom and you feel more organised too once you makeup and accessories are sorted!

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Sorting Your Drawers

Don’t waste space! Make sure you are using the drawers inside of your vanity table. Try to keep your bedroom furniture Glasgow tidy. You can do this by keeping your extra makeup in these drawers – soon you will have the same stock as MAC!

Instead of keeping bottles of skin care products and medicine in your bathroom, you can also keep these in your drawers also.


The Final Touches: Bedroom Furniture Glasgow

Of course, your dresser does not need to be dedicated to just make up and accessories, you can also store your curlers, tongs, straighteners or hairdryer inside of it too.

Why not add some final touches on tops of it like framed photos or flowers – we guarantee that your friends will be jealous. Your bedroom should be a haven away from all the stresses of daily life, make sure that it is kept tidy and clean – this will reflect on how you are feeling at the end of each day.