June 11, 2019 JI Products

Across the world different countries are bound by different clinical and medical standards that regulate what they can and cannot do. In this article we will look specifically in-depth at what cdisc standards are as well as looecrfking at other standards from around the world. Cdisc Standards Cdisc standards are a set of standards in the United States that affect clinical trials. They were established in order to make a set of rules/guidelines for firms to follow to ensure that their data is accurate and accounted for. Cdisc stands for the the clinical data interchange standards consortium. Cdisc standards were…

May 21, 2017 JI Products

  Now that it is officially spring, it is time to start looking forward to the warmer sunny days. Move your purple lipstick and pale foundation to the back of your makeup collection and let your inner golden goodness free. It is now time for sun- kissed skin and peachy blushers. These summer makeup and beauty tips will give you the perfect sun-kissed look this summer. (more…)