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Are you moving flat and need packing boxes that will not let you down?

We believe that moving home should be a memorable time for all the right reasons. This is an extremely positive time in your life and boxing up the past can often lead to new beginnings in your new home.

Beginning a new chapter in your life is something that should be looked back on fondly for years to come. The struggle for a decent packing box these days is real and moving House can indeed be a pain.

Organisation is key when you are moving home and Moving Boxes and removal vans are just a few of the things you need to sort before the big day. If you are already feeling stressed, don’t worry we are here to help.

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Quality House Moving Boxes

Big Brown Box say that “moving house involves organising and coordinating a number of processes and people. Therefore, it can be very easy to miss something which may be crucial in your move.”
The packaging company are one step ahead and to help you plan successfully and reduce the stress levels on the day, Big Brown Box has produced a handy moving house checklist.

When you are on their website ticking of your task, make sure you check out their cardboard boxes. One of the necessities when it comes to moving home is getting your hands on quality cardboard boxes.

A move is impossible without them and packing in advance should be your only option. We know that you want your move to go off without any hitches and as smoothly as possible, that is why you should always order in advance, if not months, try a few weeks before your move.

Once You Have Your Packing Boxes…

Once you have chosen the appropriate packing boxes for your things throwing everything into the box isn’t the best way to go about things, although it may be incredibly tempting. Make sure that you are organised, trust us – it will pay off.

Being organised about how you pack your boxes is a worthwhile chore and something that you should consider.

Big Box, Little Box, Cardboard Boxes

Use your variation of boxes that you will receive from a moving kit.  Investing in a variety of boxes is something that you should consider, house moving kits are a great way of dealing with this and they can be reused.

 packing boxes

Sorting Boxes

This is a tip which you should not throw away. When packing your boxes, put the heavier household items in smaller boxes and lighter in bigger boxes. This will keep the heavier things more secure and safe.

Securing Your Moving Boxes

Use bubble wrap to protect any valuables. Accidents happen and bumps and scratches may happen during the move. Be prepared for this with bubble wrap and box filler in hand.

Labelling boxes is another useful exercise, include what’s inside the box, the room it came from and the room it’s going to in your new home.