February 28, 2017 JI Products

We are all familiar with this battle cry – “I’m going to start exercising more!”, or even it’s even more common comrade in arms, “I just don’t have the time!”. Finding the time and means to exercise with today’s busy lifestyles can be challenging, but considering the lack of exercise can have serious, long-term effects on our health, it’s something we all need to have a look at. So how can we fit more exercise in our day to day comings and goings? The first trick is to look at actions you take, if daily, then on a regular basis….

February 20, 2017 JI Products

When it comes to eating, we all have at least a basic understanding of what constitutes a healthy eating option. We’re aware that the Big Mac we’re currently munching on┬áprobably isn’t the best of choices when it comes to watching our blood pressure or trying to lose weight, and that cookies have a higher calorie count that, say, cucumber and tzatziki. (more…)