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If you are not a designer and if you don’t know your way around design software then coming up with a company logo can be extremely difficult. Your health business, blog or project needs a health logo that clients will love. Over the years Repeat Logo has created a number of health logos.

They say that a health logo should ” convey the message of the business and the service they provide.” They say that colour is just one of the factors which must be considered when you are designing any logo, however, it should be particularly prominent when it comes to health logos. The ” colours are typically blue, green, red and grey. The health logo should clearly represent the medical service that they provide.”

Health Logo Design

The logo that you choose can make or break your business. It is popular opinion that a  good health logo design should be clean and bright. This represents the nature of the sector as when anyone enters a health or medical practice they expect a high standard of hygiene, therefore this should be evoked by the health logo design. One

If you are unsure about keeping your logo plain and simple a colour which is often used in health logo design is green. This is because green has connotations of immortality and positive function. Green means go, it conveys a positive message to people and this makes it a fantastic colour to use in your health logo design.

A doctors logo will be a lot different from a dentists logo and when looking into creating a health logo design you must consider the type of service you need a logo for. Here we have listed some of the types of the logo we design.

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Hospital Logo Design

It is key that the word hospital is clearly shown in the hospital logo design, it needs to be clearly identifiable for people looking for it as they may have an emergency. Hospital logos should be instantly recognisable as they may be needed in times of emergency. In most hospital logos a medical cross is featured on a hospital logo design to make it easily identifiable and stand out.

Dental Logos

It isn’t difficult to think of what should be used in a dentist logo. In the past, many dentists or dental practitioners opted for some form of tooth as an image.These days dentists tend to choose more abstract designs in order to stand out from their many competitors. Nowadays dentists provide other services such as botox and do not want to limit their market. A text based logo could be the best for this type of clinic.


Pharmacy Logo Design

Green and blue are probably the best colours to use when designing a health logo for a pharmacy.  Repeat Logo suggest that the term ‘pharm’ is usually featured somewhere within the pharmacy logo design to ensure that customers can identify you easily.All health logos should be clear and easy to understand – do not be tempted to go for something like a negative space design.