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Are you looking for ways to clear your skin of blemishes before summer hits us? There are a number of ways you can improve the appearance of your skin and hair naturally. Using natural solutions can also cut costs.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is often caused by health conditions, however, the majority of facial soaps and cleansers available can be extremely harmful when applied to sensitive skin.

Make sure you are keeping on to of your cleansing routine. If your skin feels tight and dry after you wash it, this may be a sign that you are reacting to the treatment you are using.  Always use a mild, moisturising cleanser that will give your skin the TLC that it requires.

Skin experts recommend that you massage your body with papaya. You can scrub this off by using a homemade treatment. Mix oats and honey along with a little cold milk to wash the skin.

Frizzy Hair

Do not fear frizzy hair. If you are using a quick fix during the week why not try a natural hair spray which you can make at home. If you take the juice from slices of two lemons and mix with water, simmer it until it reduces to half of the size. Once you have done this fill up one of your old spritz bottles. This mixture will give your hair a natural shine and is an excellent solution for those wild, flyaway hairs.



Dark Circles and Under Eye Bags

The working week is long and by the end of it, you may feel like you want to sleep your weekend away. This is one solution. But it you want to stay fresh for Friday, you can do this by using natural facial treatments.

Make sure you pick up chamomile tea bags and store them in the freezer. Once you have done this grate half a cucumber, which you can use to massage around the eye area. After this, lie back and relax with the tea bags on your eyes for at least 10 minutes. This is an instant way to feel more awake and you will see the difference to the dark circles under your eyes immediately.

Instant Face Lift

Would you like to look younger without paying a fortune for surgery? You can do this using an old trick that women have been using for years! Start by washing your face with ice. After that, rub an ice cube with a teaspoon of honey and them apply it to the face.

Prepare an egg white and stir until it peaks. Once you have done this, brush it onto your skin. Once it tries you will feel your skin tightening. Wash it off with ice cold water.

Beat an egg white until it peaks and brushes onto your skin and let dry. You will feel the stretch in the skin. wash face with icy cold water.




Care for Your Hair

Washing your hair every day washes all of the oil out of it. If you sleep in and don’t have time to blow dry your hair sprinkle talcum onto your brush it. Not only will the remove any oils, it will make it look more voluminous in minutes.