Health Standards Around The World -cdisc standards

June 11, 2019 JI Products 0Comment

Across the world different countries are bound by different clinical and medical standards that regulate what they can and cannot do. In this article we will look specifically in-depth at what cdisc standards are as well as looecrfking at other standards from around the world.

Cdisc Standards

Cdisc standards are a set of standards in the United States that affect clinical trials. They were established in order to make a set of rules/guidelines for firms to follow to ensure that their data is accurate and accounted for. Cdisc stands for the the clinical data interchange standards consortium. Cdisc standards were implemented around 20 years ago in order to ensure that procedures and protocol is followed correctly when clinical research is being undertaken. This holds companies to account and ensures that the data they are providing is accurate and concise.

cdisc standards

Policies And Regulations In The UK Care Industry

In the United Kingdom the NHS plays a massive part in the nations health and well being and has been publicly funded since its inception. As well as providing hospital and pre-hospital treatment the NHS also runs a large number of care homes across the UK. In order for these care homes to run safely and effectively they need to have care home policies in place to make sure the home is run safely and effectively.

The different rules and regulations are split into different policies. For example one of the main policies is security. Security is integral to the welfare of staff as well as residents. One way in which it can be maintained is ensuring that all staff and residents have some form of identification such as lanyards to show that they are meant to be in the premises. This can help improve overall security within the facility.

Another policy which may be in place in a care home is staff welfare. Staff welfare is very important and safeguards are likely to be put in place with this policy to ensure that there are regulations to make sure staff are safe and not at risk in their working environments.

cdisc standards

What Effect Have Cdisc Standards Had On The Industry On A Whole?

Cdisc has had a significant effect on the us clinical trials industry. In order to meet cdisc compliance many companies choose to use software in order to consolidate their data as well as consulting with experts who can ensure that their data meets these standards and is accurate. Often this is integrated into specific packages that are then offered to clinical trial companies. The effect of the standards on the organisations has been overwhelmingly positive. However there remains a large number of organisations that don’t fully understand the process of cdisc standards and how they work.

cdisc standards


Overall there are a number of different conclusions that can be drawn from the use of cdisc. It has helped to ensure data is accurate and concise and transformed the US clinical trails industry for the better. However far more education is needed about what it is and how it operates in order for it to improve moving forward.