This Indian Restaurant Merchant City Tells Us All The Health Benefits Of Indian Cuisine

April 19, 2019 JI Products 0Comment

It has been well known for centuries than an Indian diet is extremely nutritious and good for your overall health.

We spoke to Indian Restaurant Merchant City The Dhabba who initially tells us the key ingredients in their North Indian dishes.

  • Wide variety of fruits and vegetables which include mango, coconut, pomegranate, banana, aubergine and spinach.
  • Spices and herbs including ginger, turmeric and coriander
  • Dishes are usually low in saturated fat and very high in fibre

The Dhabba On The Health Benefits Of Their Indian Cuisine

The Dhabba specialise in North Indian Cuisine with their Indian restaurant Merchant City. They say that the ingredients they use are all fresh and full of nutritional goodness. For a long time Indian curries, that you might order in on a Saturday are fatty and full of salt and sugar – the Dhabba aim to change this mindset of thousands of Scots.

For example, Chickpeas are a great source of fibre, protein and zinc and are used in many vegetarian curries. Other super foods which are full of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that are widely used in traditional Indian dishes are spinach and tomatoes.

You will see many yogurt based dips for all that Naan bread and rice. The traditional minty yoghurt is made from natural yoghurt, cucumber and mint. This side dish is a great source in calcium which is great for bone health and is a much better alternative to fatty mayonnaise. This yoghurt can be an alternative to cream in creamy sauces.

Garlic is a spice that is widely used in Indian cooking and is very good for your heart health as well as Turmeric which comes from the garlic family and treats inflammatory conditions. Chillies are used in many Indian dishes which boosts your immune systems.

Rather than cooking with butter, sesame and peanut oil is used which is lower in saturated fat.

Indian food is generally very colourful which indicates the health and nutritional benefits.

Tips For A Healthier Indian Diet

As mentioned before, many Indian take aways don’t make traditional Indian cuisine and add fat, salt and sugar where there doesn’t need to be. Be sure to stick to healthier options which include tomato, vegetable and fish bases.

Tandoori dishes are lower in calories and fat as they use very little sauce and the meat or fish is usually baked rather than fried.

For dessert try all the delicious seasonal fruits including mango, pomegranate and apple. Figs, berries, oranges and pineapple are also seasonal fruits that can be enjoyed as a dessert.