Your Guide to Stress Balls

February 9, 2021 JI Products 0Comment

Stress balls are a popular tool for relieving stress, especially among office workers. It is an oddly shaped malleable plastic toy, typically no larger than 7cm in diameter, that is squeezed into the palm and manipulated by the hands, apparently to ease muscle tension and stress. These stress balls, when used properly, can be highly effective stress relievers. But they have no scientific evidence to back up their effectiveness. However, many people who use them as tools for stress relief claim to see improvements in their mood, energy levels and overall health.

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The Benefits of Stress Balls

It is also believed that stress balls can help reduce blood pressure, increase alertness and improve the reaction time of individuals. However, these claims remain scientifically unproven. One area where there is solid evidence of its effectiveness is in the arena of physical therapy. Physical therapists have long argued that certain techniques can be very effective stress relievers. In fact, stress balls have been credited with helping physically disabled patients overcome certain pain and disability. These include leg and arm lifts and stretches. Physical therapy experts even recommend the use of these balls during physical therapy sessions as a way to alleviate emotional distress caused by movement.

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Further Insight

Many people use stress balls during workouts because they believe it can increase the efficiency with which the body burns calories. This can be attributed to the increase in blood circulation that is caused by stretching the muscles in the body. There are many ways in which you can work out using these balls. In fact, some people prefer to squeeze them between their hands while they perform other workouts. Squeezing a ball while doing crunches, sit-ups, and stretches is an easy way to increase the effectiveness of your workout. Moreover, squeezing it during your warm-ups will increase the flexibility of your muscles and will make them more receptive to other types of exercises.

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The Rise of Stress Balls

As people are becoming more aware of mindfulness the more they are purchasing mindfulness products. Stress balls are also a type of these products. These products are about helping you become mindful of everything that’s going on around you. There’s no single solitary way or product to help you transform your life, but they can be used as a tool instead to remind you to remain calm and be present. Some people consider stress balls as portable stress relievers because they can be taken anywhere you go. Although there isn’t any real scientific evidence about them, those who have used them are evidence that it works. They believe it helps them improve their mental health, and lessen their stress level. However, it is important to note that people use stress balls along with other mindfulness practices such as meditation. By taking the time to meditate regularly, you can significantly lower the amount of stress in your life and work to get rid of unhealthy emotions.