Vegan Skincare Tips You Must Try

March 16, 2017 JI Products 0Comment

Are more of us becoming Vegan? It appears so. Statistics from last year have shown that more and more people are becoming vegan. Millennials are becoming increasingly concerned about cruelty to animalsclimate change and how animal products are affecting their own health. In 2016 Google searches for “vegan” reached an all-time high in the month of January!

If you are thinking about becoming vegan but are wondering how will this effect your skincare regime, there are a number of vegan treatments out there.

Belmish Free Skin

PETA US has declared 2016 was “the year of the vegan”. Ditching dairy is the first step to avoiding breakouts. This may seam simple but eating healthy and drinking lots of water is the way forward of yo want to get rid of skin problems like acne.

Due to a rise in the vegan lifestyle, it is becoming easier to but vegan skin care products as there is now a huge demand for ethical products. In the past DIY concoctions were the only way, but now you can walk into your local shopping centre and pick something that will help keep your skin clear.



Swap Meat For Fresh Foods

It is a fact that plant-based diets are usually more healthy and lower in fat than those who are eating foods with saturated fats found in animal products. To keep your skin glowing make sure that you are eating fruits and vegetables that are high in essential vitamins and antioxidants

Eating well will keep your skin looking good, Make sure that you are upping your intake of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and beans. Look for recipes which will spice up this mixture and you will not get bored. If you are thinking of going vegan then you will be removing dairy products and meat from your menu. By swapping out these products for fresher foods, it ill leave your skin looking more radiant than ever before.

Cruelty-Free Skin-Care Products

LUSH is a great place to start if you are looking for vegan skincare products and they smell great too (bonus)! Lush not only make vegan-friendly products, but they actively fight against animal cruelty.

On their website, they state that “to make cruelty-free cosmetics, we buy ingredients from suppliers that do not commission tests on animals. We work collaboratively with forward-thinking scientists and animal rights groups to create alternative long-term solutions to animal testing for the global cosmetics industry.

Lush products are reasonably priced and they offer a range of skin products for acne-prone skin. If you are looking for a starting point why not try Herbalism and Grease Lightning cleansers.


Try The Vegan Lifestyle

If you are unsure if moving towards a vegan lifestyle is for you, Peta are encouraging people to try it for just thirt days. They say that if you make this resolution, your skin will not only feel better it will save lives. Peta will help you along the way by sending you resources, recipes and tips!