September 17, 2018 JI Products

Having black mould in your home is not only unsightly, but it can also be damaging to health, especially in children, the elderly and people with respiratory issues, such as asthma. Black mould removal should be done as quickly as possible to help ensure that it doesn’t get worse or have an impact on you (or your families) health. (more…)

June 6, 2017 JI Products

Staying motivated and most importantly staying fit over the working can be extremely tough. The after work slog of walking to the gym, getting changed and showered straight after is a workout in its own right. Going to the gym three to five times a week leaves many of us feeling like we have now time in between work, dinner, and sleep. Fitting a workout in during your lunch seems like a lot of hassle, but it is possible! If you are looking for ways you can fit your workout in during your lunch break, you have come to the…

April 19, 2018 JI Products

If you work in a warehouse, factory or the distribution industry, you will understand the importance of pump trucks. Usually, they are used for transporting pallets but they can also be used to transport a number of things within the weight limit. Pump trucks come under many different names, so if you haven’t heard of it, you may have heard of one of these; Hand truck Pallet trolley Pallet mover Pallet jack This article will tell you what to look out for so you can choose the right pump truck, as well as where you can go to get one…

March 11, 2017 JI Products

With the spring time nearly upon us, it only means one thing SUN! The feeling of the warm sun beating down on your fresh face is a feeling that every woman enjoy. However, the idea of going outside with minimal to no makeup on can be daunting. If you are not happy with your skin or if you are trying to get rid of those pesky blemishes and pimples, there is only one thing for it! Having a good skin care routine. These skin care tips will give you the perfect skin to brave a no make-up day and allow…

June 5, 2017 JI Products

The world is changing around us at an ever increasing rate. We have gone from phone’s in suitcases to phones in our pockets, from bricks to shards of glass. Not only that, the humble smartphone’s capability is well beyond anything we could have dreamt of 20 years ago. They can order us food, organise business meetings, arrange accomodation half a world away, video call people on a different continent, and buy our new shoes for us. That last part is particularly important. Businesses now live and die in the digital world, so the way they interact with their customers and…

May 21, 2017 JI Products

  Now that it is officially spring, it is time to start looking forward to the warmer sunny days. Move your purple lipstick and pale foundation to the back of your makeup collection and let your inner golden goodness free. It is now time for sun- kissed skin and peachy blushers. These summer makeup and beauty tips will give you the perfect sun-kissed look this summer. (more…)

May 20, 2017 JI Products

If you are not a designer and if you don’t know your way around design software then coming up with a company logo can be extremely difficult. Your health business, blog or project needs a health logo that clients will love. Over the years Repeat Logo has created a number of health logos. They say that a health logo should ” convey the message of the business and the service they provide.” They say that colour is just one of the factors which must be considered when you are designing any logo, however, it should be particularly prominent when it comes to…

April 6, 2017 JI Products

Are you looking for ways to clear your skin of blemishes before summer hits us? There are a number of ways you can improve the appearance of your skin and hair naturally. Using natural solutions can also cut costs. (more…)

March 16, 2017 JI Products

Are more of us becoming Vegan? It appears so. Statistics from last year have shown that more and more people are becoming vegan. Millennials are becoming increasingly concerned about cruelty to animals, climate change and how animal products are affecting their own health. In 2016 Google searches for “vegan” reached an all-time high in the month of January! If you are thinking about becoming vegan but are wondering how will this effect your skincare regime, there are a number of vegan treatments out there. (more…)

March 13, 2017 JI Products

We all crave that movie star smile that turns the heads of passers-by. The photogenic pearly whites that have the town envious of your grin. Seems like an almost impossible dream, given the difficulties in achieving this. Whether its cost, logistics or finding a dentist you can trust, most miss out on their million-dollar smile, all because they don’t know how they can be helped. Teeth Whitening Glasgow prices are more affordable than ever and with the right cosmetic dentist, they could make your impossible dream a reality. The truth is that achieving this smile could be closer than you think….